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Building community: 2020 Annual Impact Report

May 6, 2021

It has been a brutal year for the world’s most vulnerable communities. The devastation that is currently being wrought by covid in India is a stark reminder of the outsize impact the pandemic has had on these communities.

Around the world, they bear the brunt of the economic fallout of lockdowns and the erosion of rights that governments too freely indulged under cover of their covid responses. This has been evident in the countries in which the Freedom Fund works, and the consequence has been increased exploitation and trafficking of those most at risk.

We have learned a lot in these past months as we’ve responded to the crisis – and we’ve shared key lessons in our latest annual impact report.

In addition, working with our partners, we successfully liberated 28,914 people, ensured the return of 58,659 children to school, directly impacted on 904,807 individuals, and contributed to systems change affecting millions of women, men and children in slavery or at risk of being enslaved.

Looking ahead, we will expand our work into Bangladesh and Indonesia, continue to grow our support for survivor- and woman-led organisations, double down on our work in both apparel and seafood supply chains, expand our program working with the most vulnerable agricultural workers in Nepal, and explore how we can help end the exploitation of children in the commercial sex trade or domestic servitude.

We continue to be immensely proud of our frontline partners – and grateful to all our investors, without whom none of our achievements would be possible.

Written by
The Freedom Fund