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Combating Child Trafficking and Bonded Labour in Rajasthan

February 14, 2017

The Freedom Fund commissioned a feasibility study in Rajasthan to address child trafficking and bonded labour. The study Combating Child Trafficking and Bonded Labour in Rajasthan, conducted by Praxis Institute for Participatory Practice India and Partners in Change, aimed to describe and estimate the problem, identify stakeholders and strategies, and make recommendations for reducing child exploitation. Despite Rajasthan’s proactive government role and civil society efforts, challenges persist.

Key recommendations include proactive victim identification, better shelter provision, stronger prosecutions, systematic training, inter-state cooperation, and innovative approaches within government programs. The study highlights high prevalence sectors and geographies such as brick kilns, Jaipur workshops, Sahariyas in agriculture, stone quarries, and trafficking from southern Rajasthan. It recommends sector-specific strategies and grassroots interventions, emphasising government and civil society collaboration.

The study recommends a hotspot that should focus on child trafficking in Jaipur workshops, bonded labour in brick kilns, and agricultural bonded labour initially, with potential expansion to stone quarries. The hotspot’s role should include collaborating with the government, conducting research on sexual exploitation and trafficking for marriage, and capacity building for law enforcement and child protection officials.

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Written by
The Freedom Fund