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Putting justice first. Legal strategies to combat human trafficking in India

March 19, 2015

The Thomson Reuters Foundation and the Freedom Fund have launched the report Putting Justice First. Legal strategies to combat human trafficking in India. The report highlights the pervasive issue of human trafficking in the country, estimating approximately 14 million individuals being exploited. The report emphasises the critical role of legal assistance NGOs and independent lawyers provide in supporting survivors through various legal processes, from lodging claims with the police to pursuing justice. However, the scarcity of resources underscores the urgent need for expanded legal initiatives to combat trafficking effectively.

The report examines legal challenges faced by people with lived experience of trafficking through extensive qualitative research which included analysis of legislation, recent case law and relevant literature and discussions with over 80 interviewees. Key recommendations include increasing funding for NGOs to engage lawyers, establishing legal hubs at state levels, and improving collaboration among NGOs to support victims and enhance prosecution rates. Additionally, the report calls for training courses, strategic litigation funding, improved data collection systems, media training, and increased collaboration among NGOs to strengthen legal efforts against trafficking and ensure better outcomes for victims.

Click here or on the image below to access the report. Click here to access the Executive Summary.

Written by
The Freedom Fund