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Patterns and Dynamics of Slavery and Bonded Labour in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh

January 11, 2016

The paper Patterns and Dynamics of Slavery and Bonded Labour in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh: Findings from Life Story Analysis is a collaboration between the Institute of Development Studies (University of Sussex) and the Freedom Fund. This research delves into the dynamics of slavery and bonded labour in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, India, using life story analyses.

Through gathering numerous life stories across the FreedomFund slavery hotspot in North India by NGO representatives at the Collective Story Analysis workshop 13-16 May 2015, the study revealed the intricate mix of socio-economic factors, power dynamics, and systemic vulnerabilities contributing to bondage in the area. The findings highlight the prevalence of bondage spanning generations, fostered by informal lending practices and exacerbated by poverty, caste discrimination, and labor market conditions. Additionally, the research underscores the various forms of exploitation faced by bonded labourers and the obstacles they encounter in seeking legal recourse, emphasising the necessity for targeted interventions addressing underlying issues and advocating for human rights in affected communities.

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The Freedom Fund