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We are a global fund seeking to end modern slavery. We act as a catalyst, working in the countries and sectors where it is highly prevalent.

Elevating voices and shifting power

The Freedom Fund is a global fund with the sole aim of helping end modern slavery. We are a catalyst in the global effort to end modern slavery, working in the countries and sectors where it is highly prevalent. We invest in and partner with organisations and communities on the frontlines of ending slavery and exploitation.

By partnering with survivors and those at risk of slavery as well as visionary investors, governments and anti-slavery organisations, we bring together the knowledge, capital and will needed to dismantle the systems that allow slavery to exist and thrive.

Through our investments and support, we aim to shift power, so that frontline organisations and communities can shape and drive the change required to bring modern slavery to an end.

How we work


Strengthen the frontlines

We work to shift power within the local and global systems that create the conditions for modern slavery to exist.

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Foster a movement

We foster collaboration so frontline partners and local communities build their collective power.

Support a movement

Build evidence

We measure and share evidence of what works to drive greater levels of investment into ending modern slavery.

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Raise capital

We raise capital to direct funding and resources into slavery hotspots around the world.

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A supervisor keeps an eye on the daily wage labourers as they carry a load of bricks in the brick kiln in Baruhuaa village in Chandauli district of Uttar Pradesh, India. The workers are entitled to get INR180 ($3) per 1000 bricks but the contractor only gives INR 80 - INR 100 ($1.25 - $1.7). Photo: Sanjit Das

Our story

Our hotspot programs have had a direct impact on over 1,473,000 people, and liberated over 30,700 victims from slavery.

Vision and mission

We identify and invest in the most effective frontline efforts to eradicate modern slavery where it is most prevalent.

Our people

Our team brings the passion and experience to put a stop to modern slavery.

Investors and supporters

We are grateful for the generous support we receive from our founders, those who invest in our hotspots directly, our advocates, funders and other supporters.