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Movement building

Convening Fund

The Freedom Fund provides small grants to existing Freedom Fund movement building partners to promote more inclusive convenings and ensure meaningful inclusion of survivors.

Convenings are critical venues for movement building in the anti-slavery space. However, survivors and other marginalised individuals are often excluded from opportunities to attend, lead and shape their agendas – resulting in convenings that reinforce existing power imbalances and, ultimately, preventing the development of a more cohesive and powerful movement.

Our funding takes two forms, support for convenings and support for individual survivor participation. Funding can be used to cover the cost of survivors’ attendance at convenings (including travel, accommodation, visas and interpretation support) but cannot be used to cover other costs associated with the convening, including staff costs.

Eligible convenings must be regional or international, and have clear objectives that support the anti-slavery movement. We prioritise funding for convenings taking place in the Global South and particularly in countries where the Freedom Fund has programs operating.

Please note that we may not be able to fulfil all requests for funding. Our ability to provide funding will also be dependent on the country’s legal requirements and prevailing contexts.

Request funding

Grants under this fund are only available to existing Freedom Fund movement building partners.

If you have questions or wish to make a funding request, please contact Antonia Musunga, Program Manager for Movement Building.