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Impact reports

The Freedom Fund’s Annual Impact Report provides an overview of our key initiatives and collective progress in the fight against modern slavery.

Through data-driven insights, the report showcases the effectiveness of the Fund’s interventions, ranging from direct support to survivors to advocacy efforts aimed at systemic change. By transparently sharing our successes, challenges, and future goals, we hope to encourage and unite stakeholders around the world to join us in our mission to end modern slavery.

2022-2023 Impact Report

Our partners have directly helped over 1.5 million people living in slavery or at high risk of exploitation since 2014. Millions more have been impacted by our efforts to shift government policy, corporate behaviour and social norms. Backed by a group of visionary funders committed to transformative impact, we have invested in 128 frontline organisations.

Today there is much greater awareness of modern slavery resulting in more research, investigations and legislation. We are beginning to see real progress in efforts to ensure companies eliminate forced labour from their supply chains.

Read more in our 2022 Impact Report!