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Movement building

We aim to grow and strengthen movements of diverse anti-slavery activists by creating spaces for them to connect, learn and collaborate. In particular the Freedom Fund supports the growth of movements led by survivors and their communities, recognising that movements that are led by those who are most affected by injustice create the deepest and most sustained change.

Our programs

The Freedom Fund’s movement-building portfolio is dedicated to initiatives that grow and uplift survivor leadership, and build the capacity and connection of survivor leaders and their organisations. Investing in these individuals, organizations and initiatives is a catalyst to creating space and sharing power for more survivors to lead the movement in meaningful and important ways and to ensuring that responses to slavery become more tailored and relevant.

Freedom Rising

A transformative leadership program that supports and connects frontline leaders – especially women and survivors

Survivor Leadership Fund

Trust-based funding for survivor-led anti-slavery organisations around the world

Convening Fund

Small grants to movement building partners to promote more inclusive convenings and ensure meaningful inclusion of survivors

Piloting the Survivor Leadership Fund

Ending modern slavery requires the shifting of power and resources to those who are most affected – survivors and their communities. This is the reason we launched the Survivor Leadership Fund (SLF) in 2021, an innovative Fund that provides unrestricted grants to grassroots organisations led by people with lived experience of exploitation.

Two years on, a new report looks back and evaluates the Fund’s impact and identifies its unique opportunities and areas for growth. It also demonstrates the success of the Fund’s trust-based and inclusive funding model in both reaching and supporting survivor-led organisations. The report, based on an evaluation of the first round of funding in Kenya and Uganda, examines the experience of grantees throughout the grant-making process, and highlights some of the important components of the SLF, as identified by grantees.

Our team

Colleen Boselli

Program Manager

Claire Falconer

Head of Global Initiatives and Movement Building

Antonia Musunga

Program Manager, Movement Building

Gomathi Palanikumar

Program Consultant, Freedom Rising