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The Freedom Fund is grateful for the generous backing of all our investors and donors. With their support, we are strengthening frontline efforts to end modern slavery and building a more inclusive anti-slavery movement.


Humanity United

Humanity United is a philanthropic organization that takes a trust-based approach, honoring the lived experience and agency of those closest to the issues.


Legatum was founded as a company that could use its ideas, energy and capital to support people all across the world to do well, through diverse ventures that have positively impacted millions of lives globally.

Walk Free

Walk Free is an international human rights group focused on the eradication of modern slavery in all its forms through mass systems change aimed at addressing the root causes of slavery.

Key investors

Laudes Foundation
MacKenzie Scott and Dan Jewett
The Millby Foundation
The Moondance Foundation
Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation
Oak Foundation
Players of People’s Postcode Lottery
Ray and Dagmar Dolby Family Fund
Stardust Foundation
UBS Optimus Foundation
United States Department of State

Key investors include those who contributed US $330K or more in 2023

Become an investor

Since our founding in 2014, the Freedom Fund has pursued the single aim to mobilise the knowledge, capital and will needed to end slavery. That mission includes bringing more donors and resources into the anti-slavery space.

When our founders first looked at the anti-slavery sector, they found relatively low levels of fragmented investment, with insufficient funding levels compounded by the reluctance or inability of some donors to provide funding directly to grassroots programs.

Engaging investors from a variety of sectors is therefore an essential part of our work. We do this by offering consultation and advice – acting as an educator, connector and catalyst – to maximise what in our experience is a high degree of overlap between donor interests and the interests and needs of our local partners and beneficiaries.

Offering best-in-class fund management and donor servicing, the Freedom Fund delivers to our investors and to the wider sector a significant return on investment in the form of frontline impact.

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Contact us to learn more about our work and how to become an investor.

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