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Movement building

Freedom Rising

Freedom Rising is a transformative leadership program that supports and connects frontline leaders – especially women and survivors – to challenge the systems that enable exploitation in their communities.

Supporting frontline leaders

Freedom Rising is a transformative leadership program that supports and connects frontline leaders to grow their leadership of anti-slavery movements. Over the course of a year, cohorts of up to 50 leaders come together in a series of residential modules to develop their leadership skills, resilience and relationships. The programme is unique in its support for diverse and emerging leadership, as well as its explicit focus on building a stronger and more representative anti-slavery movement.

This global program is grounded in local context and delivered in local language, to ensure accessibility for traditionally excluded groups. After completing the year-long leadership program, participants join the program’s alumni community, enabling them to engage with fellow leaders and continue to build and strengthen connections at the local, regional and international levels.

Piloted in India with subsequent programs in Brazil and Nepal, we are expanding the program globally to strengthen anti-slavery movements around the world.

Anyone can be a leader

I was so happy that I was selected for the Freedom Rising program, but I was equally nervous…. I had never travelled alone. In [the first residential] I was silent, quiet. I didn’t open up. But the training made me speak. They listened to my opinions.…This is the first space where my opinions are valued. After seeing my involvement and potential, my director asked me to be a board member. Freedom Rising made me realise the leadership in me. Leadership is not about skills and positions. It’s about passion, commitment and experiences. Anyone can be a leader. The change should start from within.

Usha, participant from India

Growing leadership at multiple levels

Freedom Rising envisions a powerful and inclusive anti-slavery movement that is led by those most affected and which challenges norms and drives the systemic change needed to end modern slavery. To achieve this, Freedom Rising creates transformative change at three levels – the leader, the organisation, and the movement.

The Leader

Diverse leaders strengthen their leadership awareness, skills and capacity and deepen relationships within and outside their organisations.

The Organisation

Organisations practice inclusive decision-making and are shaped and led in ways that allow them to grow and sustain their work consistent with their vision and values.

The Movement

Anti-slavery leaders grow and diversify their connections and collaboration, while anti-slavery movements shift power towards lived experience leadership and use their collective power to tackle the root causes of slavery.


Strength in one another

Freedom Rising is forming a global network with huge potential, made of powerful individuals who are strengthening each others' organizations. We can see a wide range of ages, wisdom gained through life but also through theoretical knowledge, and a huge willingness of the group to stay together.

Daniela Araújo, Adolescer Group, Brazil

Our impact

241 Leaders that participated in the program across three countries - India, Brazil and Nepal

87% Participants in India reported improved leadership confidence, knowledge or abilities

92% Participants in Brazil reported having built new connections with leaders

96% Participants in Nepal have adopted self-care practices as a result of the program

100% Participants have shared program lessons or practices with colleagues, family or community