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At the Freedom Fund, we take the safeguarding of both the people we serve and our own staff incredibly seriously. We establish systems to ensure that power is not being abused and vulnerability is not exploited.

Our approach

We invest in safeguarding in many ways. We have a comprehensive Safeguarding Policy which is compliant with the International Standards for Safeguarding. Read our full safeguarding policy. As we work internationally, we ask all our funded implementing partners to have versions of this policy to suit their jurisdiction. In addition, we have a Safeguarding Manager, based in our London headquarters, and Safeguarding Focal Points in each hotspot where we work, to ensure that all our safety measures are understood, implemented, and regularly reviewed and updated by grantees.

When it comes to Freedom Fund partners, at a minimum, due diligence checks are completed which include ensuring potential implementing partners match minimum safeguarding standards. If gaps have been identified, the partner needs to adhere to a safeguarding action plan aiming to build the safeguarding capacity and procedures of each organisation. For other types of partnerships, we ensure they either have a robust safeguarding policy in place or ensure they agree to adhere to the Freedom Fund’s.

If you have any further questions or concerns about safeguarding, please contact us. We will reply within 48 hours to confirm receipt of your complaint, and we will endeavour to respond conclusively to all complaints within ten days of submission. If the process may take longer than ten days, we will keep you informed.

Contact us

Email us to learn more about our safeguarding approach.