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Participants on the pilot project for Instituto Aliança, taking part in an activity at an art museum. Instituto Aliança works across rural regions of Ceará, Pernambuco, and Bahia to improve youth employability whilst advocating for the rights of women and young people to prevent child labour and sexual violence. Natália Corrêa / The Freedom Fund


We work on the frontlines of the anti-slavery movement, to put an end to modern slavery and human exploitation.

Partnering for change

We believe that by listening to, funding, and supporting local organisations, we can contribute to tangible, sustainable change. We work alongside civil society partners to implement community-based interventions to inform and empower communities to better understand their rights, speak up about abuses, and access support services from government and/or other agencies.

Our partners know the context, are trusted by communities and can work in coalition to advance the rights of those marginalised and at most risk of exploitation. They also help ensure the sustainability of interventions and their long-term positive impact.

Our partners

The Freedom Fund has supported over 150 partners worldwide through our hotspot model, the Survivor Leadership Fund, research grants, and Corporate Accountability initiatives.

Fund the frontlines

We raise capital to direct funding and other forms of support to slavery hotspots around the world.

We partner with frontline organisations and communities in slavery ‘hotspots’ – places across the world where slavery is most prevalent — to counter the diversity of issues that lead to vulnerability, exploitation and slavery. 

In each hotspot, we convene a network of grassroots organisations to work together toward shared objectives, multiplying their resources, impact and influence.

Our hotspot model directly facilitates collaboration, reduces competition, and creates “network capital” – helping partners to build the powerful coalitions needed to affect change at local and national levels. 

See our hotspots
The committee members of SPAN Batulubang, Bitung, North Sulawesi. Armin Hari/The Freedom Fund

Grow movements

We foster collaboration so frontline partners and local communities can unlock their collective power. 

Concentrating our investment and support into defined geographic regions enables us to convene clusters of the most effective grassroots organisations and create spaces where local partners and communities come together, share learning and exercise their collective influence.

The Freedom Fund’s in-country teams work within these local partner networks, connecting them to training, new technology and long-term, flexible funding, supporting the development and implementation of new programs, and helping to improve how they measure and communicate about the impact of their work.

Join the movement

Change the game

We work to shift power and disrupt systems of modern slavery at both local and global levels.

We support frontline partners to build power in the workplace and in the community, encouraging collective action and fostering the leadership of survivors and groups most affected by exploitation.

We invest in survivors’ and women’s leadership so they are at the forefront of the solutions needed to end modern slavery.

We invest in efforts to hold governments, business and other powerholders accountable for abuses and put the needs of frontline communities at the centre of global conversations and policies.

Fishing industry in Samut Sakhon, Thailand. Thailand is a top 5 global seafood producer, with exports reaping over $7 billion. But the profitable industry supplying consumers around the world with cheap seafood comes at a high cost to both the environment and to workers. The overwhelming majority of workers in Thailand’s fishing and seafood processing industries are migrants from Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia. Labour brokers recruit from vulnerable communities, promising favourable employment in the construction, manufacturing, or agriculture industries. Migrants often incur debt from their recruitment, fees and costs associated with transportation and securing employment in Thailand. These debts are paid off through deductions from workers’ earnings with employers and brokers frequently using debt manipulation to inflate the amounts and force people into bonded labour. This and the other images in this collection are showing the context in which the Freedom Fund Thailand hotspot operates. They show the location as well as the boats on which migrant workers work. They also show facilities for processing seafood and the markets in which seafood is traded. We do not have names or stories of any of the individuals shown in this collection because that was not the purpose of this commission. Jittrapon Kaicome / The Freedom Fund

Gather evidence

We measure and share the impact of our work to drive greater levels of investment into anti-slavery efforts. 

Together with our partners, we measure the effectiveness of interventions with the aim of delivering scalable programs with sustainable impact. We convene researchers, practitioners and donors to share learning and best practices, ensuring that our partners’ voices are represented in international debates about what works.