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Forced labour import controls

Forced labour is a pervasive problem in global supply chains – and it must not be tolerated. The Freedom Fund, along with our civil society partners, advocate for the introduction and effective enforcement of robust trade mechanisms to combat forced labour in global supply chains.

Coalition Against Forced Labour in Trade

Launched in September 2023, the Coalition Against Forced Labour in Trade is an international network comprising 16 civil society organisations from major importing economies within the G20. This alliance is dedicated to the eradication of forced labour from global supply chains through the introduction and stringent effective enforcement of import bans against goods produced under such inhumane conditions.

The mission of the Coalition is to ensure that goods tainted by forced labour find no refuge in any country, effectively making the entire globe a no-safe-harbour zone for such products. The Coalition embarks on a multifaceted approach that includes national, regional, and international advocacy, the sharing of expertise and critical information, and strategic engagements with policymakers.


Tariff Act Legal Fund

In 2019, The Freedom Fund launched the Tariff Act Legal Fund, a key initiative under our broader work focused on leveraging trade mechanisms to drive corporate actors to prevent, identify, mitigate, and remediate forced labour in their operations and supply chains. With Section 307 of the Tariff Act of 1930 (19 U.S.C. §1307) setting out a clear prohibition against goods produced with forced labour entering the US market, the Fund aims to strengthen enforcement of the law by providing financial, technical assistance, and risk mitigation support to civil society. Through the Fund, civil society can conduct rigorous investigations to uncover, document, and halt the flow of goods produced under forced labour. This Fund is a signal to businesses that profiting from forced labour will not be tolerated and serves as a critical alert about the risks of forced labour in their supply chains.

Tariff Act Advocacy Grants

Expanding on our support to frontline organisations under the Tariff Act Legal Fund, The Freedom Fund proudly introduced the Tariff Act Advocacy Grants in 2023. This initiative aims to empower civil society with the means to pursue dynamic advocacy strategies, built upon evidence of forced labour collected for Tariff Act petitions. Our vision is to stimulate inventive approaches that disrupt the trade of goods produced through forced labour, and to assist in securing justice for victims of such conditions.

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