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Partner hub

Resilient organisations are key pillars in the movement towards ending modern slavery. There are several ways in which the Freedom Fund empowers organisations to build stronger systems, manage their teams, account for the costs of their work, raise funds and amplify their messages to diverse stakeholders.

Contact us

To request access to partner resources or support, or for more information on how we can provide partner support, please email us.

Available resources

Organizational Capacity Assessment Tool

A self-reflection exercise that helps grassroots organisations build resilience through tailored interventions.

We speak for us

A training program to help grassroots organisations build their skills in international advocacy.

Strengthening safeguarding

A pathway to support building safeguarding capabilities of grassroots organisations.

Fundraising self-assessment tool

A self-assessment tool that supports organisations to evolve their fundraising capabilities.

Tell us your story

Support for partners to use audio visual storytelling to reach a wider audience.

Elevate grants

Unrestricted grants for current partners who fulfill particular criteria, to support organizational development and resilience.

The repository

A library of programmatic curricula, toolkits and processes from partners and Freedom Fund programs, made available for the wider community, to enable us to leverage each other’s efforts.

Learning communities

Learning programs that enable partners to engage with each other and leverage expertise where possible.

Opportunities mailing list

A mailing list to keep partners informed about potential fundraising, advocacy, and marketing opportunities.