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Our people

Our team brings the passion and experience to put a stop to modern slavery.

Board of Directors

Molly Gochman

Board Chair | Artist and Activist, Stardust Fund

Andrew Doust

Vice Chair | Founder, Plenitude Partners

Mahendra Pandey

Vice Chair | Senior Manager, Humanity United

Katharine Bryant

Katharine Bryant

Head of Policy and Programs, Walk Free

shruti chandrasekhar

Shruti Chandrasekhar

Treasurer | Head of Investments - Africa Region, IFC

Natasha Dolby

Natasha Dolby

Co-Founder, Freedom Forward

Michelle Yue

Michelle Yue

Co-Founder, Beam Network

Senior leadership

Zoe Marshall

Managing Director, Finance and Administration

Amy Rahe

Managing Director, External Relations

Dan Vexler

Managing Director, Programs

Havovi Wadia

Director of Programs

Our staff

Pauline Aaron

Senior Program Manager

Kumneger Addisu

Senior Program Officer

Khaleda Akhter

Program Manager

Deepika Reddy Allana

Program Manager

Elizabeth Anderson

Senior Research and Evaluation Manager

Débora Aranha

Senior Program Manager

Ginny Baumann

Senior Program Manager

Meseret Bayou

Program Officer

Colleen Boselli

Program Manager

Marta Bylica

Program Manager, Corporate Accountability

Matilde Chora

Monitoring & Research Officer

Luciano Cristovam

Program Advisor, Brazil

Ana Cecília Cuentro

Program Advisor, Brazil

Hannah de Ville

Senior Program Manager

Tsion Degu Tessema

Program Officer

Brahma Deo Ram

Program Advisor

Hannah Elliot

Program Manager

Claire Falconer

Head of Global Initiatives and Movement Building

Gabriela Guida

Program Manager, Brazil

Varsha Gyawali

Research and Evaluation Manager

Holly Harridence

Program Operations Manager

Louise Hemfrey

Program Manager, Ethiopia

Sophie Hicks

Program Manager

Mohammad Jamal Hossain

Finance Manager, Bangladesh

Maureen Karanja

Program Manager, Kenya

Ruth Kimani

Senior Program Manager, East Africa

Yuki Lo

Head of Research and Evaluation

Job N. Manani

Program Advisor, Kenya

Havanna Marques

Financial Manager

Sonia Martins

Senior Program Manager

Hasriadi Masalam

Program Advisor

Mahlet Mekbib

Program Officer

Daniel Melese

Country Representative, Ethiopia

Sarah Mount

Senior Program Manager

Antonia Musunga

Program Manager, Movement Building

Chika Valerie Nwabeke

Program Advisor, Nigeria

Juliet Odaro

Program Assistant, Ethiopia

Kehinde Ojo

Program Officer

Art Prapha

Senior Program Manager, Corporate Accountability

Dawit Seyoum

Finance Manager

Jiyam Shrestha

Program Advisor

Roosa Sibarani

Program Manager, Indonesia

Senait Tibebu

Finance and Admin Assistant

A. Alvin Winford

Program Advisor, Liberia