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Kumneger Addisu

Senior Program Officer

Kumneger Addisu joined the Freedom Fund in 2020 as the Senior Program Officer for the Bete Project based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He has over 13 years of extensive experience in overseas employment service provision and management, public employment, community development and consultant.

Kumneger has a multi-disciplinary role working with various sectors including private, humanitarian, NGO and government. Previously, Kumneger served in private sector for the Ethio-India FDI International Company in Ethiopia, where he served as senior level admininstrater and human resources manager. He also served as program coordinator at IP-Global International NGO for the World Bank national survey research project that conducted with MoH in Ethiopia.

Kumneger served as a program manager, program officer, training manager, training officer and labor migration management consultant at Agar Ethiopia Charitable Society, an NGO that works on combating human trafficking, returnee rehabilitation, reintegration, reunification, mental health programs in Addis Ababa. Kumneger was the Program Manager at Mission for Community Development Program Origination (MCDP, a local organisation working on safer migration, education, livelihoods, women economic empowerment, health and agriculture. Kumneger served as a Head of Oversees Employment Service Provision Directorate at the Addis Ababa City Government Bureau of Labour and Social Affairs (BOLSA), where he led the overall program of the directorates like the prevention, protection, prosecution and partnerships programs with multi-national and international organisations based in Ethiopia working on migration governance, youth focussed and gender-based violence programs.

Kumneger was also a high school teacher and school principal at MoE in Bishoftu and served as researcher for Jima University.

Kumneger holds MBA from Rift Valley University from Addis Ababa and MA in International Leadership from Vision International University of Ramona, CA, USA. He graduated from Dilla University with a BED in Chemistry.

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