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Addressing Mental Health Needs in Survivors of Modern Slavery

October 20, 2015

Modern slavery, in all its forms, inflicts profound and enduring harm on individuals, perpetuating cycles of crisis and loss across generations. It is accompanied by pervasive mental health challenges, including depression, anxiety, and PTSD, underscoring the urgent need for effective interventions to mitigate its effects.

Addressing Mental Health Needs in Survivors of Modern Slavery. A Critical Review and Research Agenda is a research commissioned by the Freedom Fund and conducted by the Helen Bamber Foundation. The report critically examines existing research on the mental health impact of exploitation and evaluates the efficacy of treatment interventions. Highlighting significant gaps in knowledge, the report calls for collaborative international efforts to prioritise research and develop comprehensive therapeutic models tailored to the diverse needs of survivors worldwide. By addressing these gaps and fostering interdisciplinary cooperation, the report aims to pave the way for improved mental health care for individuals affected by modern slavery.

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Written by
The Freedom Fund