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Assessing Government and Business Responses to the Thai Seafood Crisis

May 26, 2016

With increasing scrutiny on Thailand’s fishing industry, the government and private sector have initiated reforms to combat exploitation. While these efforts are commendable, significant gaps remain, particularly in the enforcement of regulations and identification of labor abuses. The report Assessing Government and Business Responses to the Thai Seafood Crisis, by Humanity United and The Freedom Fund, emphasizes the need for realistic, well-funded, and monitored reform efforts to protect workers’ livelihoods and the sustainability of Thailand’s fisheries.

Recommendations are directed towards both the government and the private sector. For the government, it is advised to standardize inspections, improve interview practices, strengthen vessel monitoring systems, and prioritize long-term solutions to labour shortages. Acknowledging ongoing abuses and leveraging industry collaboration are also key. As for the private sector, there is a call to expand the Shrimp Sustainable Supply Chain Task Force, ensure universal adoption of ethical standards, and only conduct business with suppliers adhering to these standards.

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Written by
The Freedom Fund