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Commemorating the life of Jo Cox

June 23, 2016

Events were held around the world on 22 June to celebrate the life of Jo Cox – on what would have been her 42nd birthday if she hadn’t been brutally murdered.

The event in London’s Trafalgar Square drew 10,000 participants, who were treated to a celebration of Jo’s life, with performances and presentations by Lily Allen, U2, Jo’s husband Brendan, Malala Yousafzai, and Jo’s son’s primary school choir. You can find a short video featuring the choir here, and a video of the full event here.

Commemorations were held around the world and throughout England – in cities ranging from Kabul to Nairobi to Austin, Texas. At the event in New York, US Ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power, read a statement from President Obama, in which he stated: “Today, we stand united – British, Americans and people around the world – to affirm that the hate and violence that took her from us are ultimately no match for the love and compassion that she spread in her life.”

This remarkable global tribute to one woman’s death has moved people around the world, and caused many to challenge the increasingly divisive political discourse in the UK and the US and elsewhere.

Jo’s husband, Brendan expressed it best in his powerful speech in London:

“What a beautiful irony it is that an act designed to advance hatred has instead generated such an outpouring of love. Jo lived for her beliefs and she died for them. And for the rest of our lives we will fight for them in her name.”

Written by
Nick Grono