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Modern slavery and corruption

January 25, 2016

The report Modern slavery and corruption. Legal Analysis of Relevant Laws and Their Application has been made by Liberty Asia with a grant from the Freedom Fund. It explores the link between corruption and modern slavery, illustrating how corruption fuels exploitation across various industries. Organisations must actively combat corruption within their operations through transparent financial practices, effective internal controls, and comprehensive staff training.

Anti-corruption laws like the FCPA are pivotal in combating modern slavery by targeting corruption across the business value chain. By identifying vulnerable points, such as recruitment processes and procurement, and implementing strong internal controls and training, businesses can reduce the risk of involvement in human trafficking. The FCPA’s wide reach and strict penalties emphasize the need for businesses to adhere to ethical standards and anti-corruption measures, serving as a potent tool against modern slavery. With effective enforcement and proactive steps, including training and internal controls, businesses can help eradicate the systemic corruption that fuels exploitation and trafficking.

Click here or on the image below to access the report. Click here to access the Briefing Paper.

Written by
The Freedom Fund