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One year on: Findings from the Freedom Fund’s Ethiopia hotspot

March 5, 2018

Ethiopia is experiencing unprecedented and increasing levels of migration of women and girls to the Middle East for domestic work. In transit and on arrival, these women are at high risk of abuse, exploitation and of falling into situations of slavery. The Freedom Fund’s Ethiopia hotspot aims to reduce the vulnerability of potential migrants and returnee women and girls to trafficking to the Middle East for domestic work.

This report from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, “One Year On: Findings from Wave I Data Collection,” presents findings from the Ethiopia hotspot program collected as part of a process evaluation. In each hotspot site, data are collected and compared to similar locations in which there are no hotspot activities.

In both regions with hotspot programming, Amhara and Addis Ketema, participants spoke favourably about the hotspot and felt the activities were relevant, useful and of good quality. The Freedom Fund’s partners made concerted efforts to shift attitudes and norms toward a more health-promoting understanding of ways to migrate and the preparation required.

The report notes: “Although beneficiaries’ high expectations were early challenges, the hotspot has been able to offer new perspectives to returnees and potential migrants on their life choices.”

Read the full report.

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