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Juliet Odaro

Program Assistant, Ethiopia

Juliet Odaro joined the Freedom Fund in May 2023 as a Program Assistant for Ethiopia.

Juliet was inspired to join the Freedom Fund from her work as a regional leader within Survivor Alliance — a global organisation whose mission is to unite and empower survivors of slavery and human trafficking around the world to become leaders of the anti-slavery movement. Her London-based group provides an opportunity for those with lived experience to come together, support each other and share their concerns. Juliet advocates for them with the Home Office, working to action the changes that they want to see in support services delivery and national policy.

Juliet is passionate about supporting other survivors and being a leading voice in the anti-trafficking sector, speaking at the national equality and diversity meeting in July 2020, hosted by the Human Trafficking Foundation. Juliet is also a member of the Lived Advisory Panel (LEAP) which was established to ensure the expertise of those with lived-experience is embedded in the work of the anti-trafficking sector.

In July 2020, Juliet joined the VITA team as a Survivor Consultant, advising on VITA training materials for frontline healthcare professionals. She is a core member of the VITA Network committee and a Trustee for VITA Foundation.

Juliet is currently studying health and social care at university.

Key information

Joined our team in
May 2023