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Remembering the life of A. Jaleel, Program Advisor

March 31, 2020

Earlier this month we mourned the sudden and tragic loss of our dear colleague and friend, K. A. Jaleel. He was a Program Advisor who helped to launch our hotspot work in Tamil Nadu, India and was a passionate advocate for workers and vulnerable communities impacted by bonded labour and exploitation.

Jaleel was an eternal optimist and despite the challenges that this work presented he always kept a positive outlook and was determined to do more to help empower those who could not stand up for themselves. When an opportunity arose to help create a new and innovative resource for our hotspot partners in Tamil Nadu, Jaleel jumped at the opportunity to be involved in developing a narrative film that captured the issues faced by a young woman working in the textile mills. Jaleel was integral in helping to make this film, and ensured that it represented the realities of the work inside the mills and presented a clear picture to community members about the type of exploitation that many young workers face. It would not have been the success that it was without him.

Jaleel lived his life with intention and purpose and he loved what he did, he considered it a privilege to be able to help vulnerable communities and make a difference in even just one person’s life. His loss will be felt deeply on our team, but in memory of his positivity, determination, and love for helping others, we will continue to move forward together to continue positive changes that he has helped to lay the groundwork for. This is the lasting legacy of his life that we can help to carry on.

The Freedom Fund has created a memorial page for Jaleel where people can share their memories and through which they can help to support his family.

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