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Slavery Research Bulletin: 15 January 2020

January 15, 2020

Welcome to the Slavery Research Bulletin, the Freedom Fund’s monthly brief designed to bring you new & compelling research from the global anti-slavery movement.

Public attitudes towards female migrant workers in East Asia

A recent survey of over 4,000 nationals in Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand found that attitudes towards migrant workers have worsened over the past nine years, according to a joint report by the International Labour Organization and UN Women. Although the overall results showed a negative perception of migrant workers, the survey did find greater support for shelters to assist women migrants and better conditions for domestic workers.

Child marriage and teenage pregnancy in Rajasthan, India

A factsheet by Young Lives examines the prevalence of child marriage and teenage pregnancy in Rajasthan, India. Drawing on data from the most recent National Family Survey (2016-16), their analysis shows a strong correlation between child marriage and household wealth, with 21 percent of girls (age 17 & below) from the bottom wealth tercile married compared to 10 percent of girls from the wealthiest households.

Supply chain transparency in the garment and footwear industry

A report by the Transparency Pledge coalition describes progress in fashion brands disclosing information about their suppliers to help address labour abuses in garment supply chains. Although 35 percent of the 200 brands surveyed now disclose their tier-1 factories, the coalition is calling for disclosure beyond tier-1 suppliers and to make this data public and machine-readable to support compilation and analysis of suppliers across brands.

Financing migration along the Ethiopia – South Africa corridor

A paper by Migrating Out of Poverty explores the key tactics in financing irregular migration from Ethiopia to South Africa, as revealed through interviews with 40 migrants. These narratives revealed the structural and personal factors that affect the risk of exploitation, and the spectrum of social and commercial migration financing options that range between benevolence and exploitation.

A research toolkit to prevent child marriage

The Gender and Adolescence: Global Evidence study by the Overseas Development Institute has developed a child marriage research toolkit to help prevent child marriage and mitigate its impacts on adolescent girls, including those who are separated and divorced. The toolkit encourages an inclusive and action-oriented approach, centred on the decision-making that underpins child marriage and the experiences of married adolescents.

Read on…

  • A mixed-methods study in the Journal of Child Abuse & Neglect examines the prevalence of violence against children, child labour and child marriage in Nepal.
  • Researchers writing in the Journal of Health Research have developed a screening instrument to help prevent factory workers from experiencing mass fainting illness.
  • A report by the European Centre for Developing Policy Management presents recommendations for an integrated EU strategy for fair and sustainable textile supply chains.

And finally…

We supported a film-based curriculum that enables communities affected by bonded labour to assert their rights. Watch Call Me Priya and learn how it’s helping to grow resilience.

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Written by
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