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The Slavery Research Bulletin: Issue 8, April 2016

April 15, 2016

Welcome to the Slavery Research Bulletin, designed to provide busy readers in the anti-slavery community with a succinct monthly update on new and interesting research.

Good and bad news in India
The FXB Center at Harvard University has published a study evaluating the work of MSEMVS, one of the Freedom Fund’s partners in Northern India. The research finds a significant decline in debt bondage in the area and attributes improvements in education, health and food security to MSEMVS’s intervention.

Also from the FXB Center this month is a report analysing India’s approach to the rescue and rehabilitation of children trafficked for labour exploitation. The work suggests that gaps such as inadequate reintegration services leave children at risk of further harm.

New research on domestic workers
A survey of over 1,000 domestic workers in Hong Kong by the Justice Centre concludes that 1 in 6 workers could be classified as in forced labour.

DemandAT have released their fifth working paper, focused on domestic work.

Slavery among Syrian refugees
A new Freedom Fund report examines the different ways in which slavery is occurring among Syrian refugees in Lebanon. The research highlights significant levels of hazardous child labour, early marriage, sexual exploitation and forced labour

Read on…

  • The Population Council has released preliminary findings from the BALIKA project on child marriage in Bangladesh.
  • Sociological Perspectives has featured a special section on sex work and human trafficking.
  • A new study investigates the occupational health hazards and causative factors of male adult bonded labourers in south India.

And finally
Research in the Journal of Applied Psychology examines the emotional reaction to victims of trafficking.

News & updates
The MSEMVS study from FXB features in the first edition of a new Evidence in Practice Series from the Freedom Fund.

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Credit: MSEMVS

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