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Survivor Alliance launches new Employment Pathways Programs for survivors, in partnership with the Freedom Fund

August 4, 2020

Survivor Alliance and the Freedom Fund are pleased to launch Survivor Alliance’s Employment Pathways Program, which will place survivors of slavery and human trafficking into paid positions within anti-slavery organisations. Designed with input from survivors based in the UK, the program enacts a strategic approach to combatting slavery and human trafficking, offering survivors a gateway into the anti-slavery field and non-profit sector. The program also allows survivors to step towards full freedom by providing meaningful employment and financial stability.

The pilot program kicks off with the Freedom Fund opening two part-time positions in their London office. This year-long program is designed specifically for people with lived experience of slavery and human trafficking. The two positions available are Strategic Partnerships Fellow and Program Fellow. Fellows will work closely with their supervisor’s team within the Freedom Fund and develop entry-level skills required for working in non-profit organisations. 

The program offers a continuum of support, providing fellows with mentoring from Survivor Alliance during the entire fellowship and during the exit and transition phases. The Fellows may also choose to have a professional mentor who can support their development throughout the program. Freedom Fund and Survivor Alliance staff will have regular meetings to ensure reciprocal feedback for ongoing improvement of the program.

This pilot aims to trail and evaluate an employment program that was designed by survivors and allies, for survivors and allies. Keeping in mind the unique needs and interests of survivors seeking employment, and the objectives and performance needs of employers, the Employment Pathways Program hopes to provide a new model for both survivor inclusion initiatives and broader diversity and inclusion initiatives. 

“We hope that this is just the beginning for sustainable employment for survivors in the anti-slavery movement and beyond,” said Minh Dang, Executive Director of Survivor Alliance. “We also want to give a huge thanks to Amy Rahe, now Freedom Fund’s Director of North America, for all her work on the program design before she departed.” 

“We’re committed to centring survivors in the anti-slavery movement,” said Audrey Guichon, Director of Programs at the Freedom Fund. “We are delighted to create opportunities for survivors within our work.” 

We invite you to follow this blog to get the latest news and updates on the progress of the program.

Check out the Freedom Fund’s Jobs page for more information about the fellowships.

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