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The Slavery Research Bulletin: Issue 3, November 2015

November 16, 2015

Welcome to the Slavery Research Bulletin, designed to provide busy readers in the anti-slavery community with a succinct monthly update on new and interesting research.

Estimating global prevalence
Two recent articles examine the challenges of estimating the number of slavery victims globally. Writing in the statistics journal, Significance, Jacqueline Joudo Larsen, Monti Narayan Datta and Kevin Bales examine the role of extrapolation in assessing global prevalence.

Meanwhile, Jessie Brunner of the WSD HANDA Center looks at prevalence in the ASEAN region and globally, and calls for smaller-scale, localised prevalence studies.

Treatment of mental trauma in survivors
A report by the UK-based Helen Bamber Foundation, commissioned by the Freedom Fund, critically reviews the evidence on the mental health impact of enslavement as well as the efficacy of specific treatment approaches, and recommends future research priorities.

Polaris and the Sanar Wellness Institute have published a report on the same theme: ‘Promising Practices: An Overview of Trauma-Informed Therapeutic Support for Survivors of Human Trafficking‘ reviews five years of experience of Polaris New Jersey in providing therapeutic support to survivors.

Reintegration of survivors of trafficking
Bringing it all back home’, published in June by Sanjog and Anesvad, documents research to understand the experiences of survivors of trafficking who have been reunited with their families and their reintegration into communities.

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  • The Ashridge Centre for Business and Sustainability and the Ethical Trading Initiative released a brief on company perspectives and responses to slavery risks in supply chains.
  • A case study examining Humanity United’s approach to addressing forced labour in the Thai seafood industry was published in the Stanford Social Innovation Review in August.

And finally
Walk Free Foundation and AATWIN have published a landscape report of modern slavery in Nepal.

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