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Unshackling Development: Why we need a global partnerships to end modern slavery?

December 2, 2015

The policy report Unshackling Development: Why we need a global partnerships to end modern slavery?, produced by the United Nations University with the support of the Freedom Fund, underscores the interconnection between modern slavery and underdevelopment, emphasizing that slavery perpetuates poverty while also being fueled by it. Exploitation in sectors such as agriculture, construction, and manufacturing contributes to economic disparities, trapping individuals and communities in cycles of poverty and vulnerability. By examining case studies from various countries, the report illustrates how addressing slavery can lead to broader development outcomes, including increased income, improved health and education, and enhanced community resilience. It calls for a holistic approach to development that integrates efforts to combat slavery with broader poverty alleviation strategies, emphasising the need for coordinated action across sectors and stakeholders.

Moreover, the document explores the role of governments, businesses, and civil society in driving sustainable development and eradicating slavery. It advocates for policies that promote decent work, protect vulnerable populations, and strengthen labour rights enforcement to prevent exploitation and support communities that have been marginalised. Additionally, the report highlights the responsibility of businesses to address slavery within their supply chains and calls for greater transparency, accountability, and collaboration to ensure ethical sourcing practices. The report urges stakeholders to prioritise investments in anti-slavery initiatives as a fundamental component of sustainable development efforts, promoting economic growth, social justice, and human rights for all.

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Written by
The Freedom Fund