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Harawa Charawa Rights Caravan

Towards a world without slavery

We are a catalyst in the global effort to end modern slavery, working with frontline organisations and communities where exploitation and trafficking are highly prevalent.

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Harawa Charawa Rights Caravan

What is modern slavery?

49.6 million people are victims of modern slavery around the world. From human trafficking to domestic servitude, modern slavery has many names. In every case, an individual’s freedom is withheld by another person or group. Victims are trapped in exploitation through debt, fraud, coercion or violence.

Shifting power to create change

To end slavery we must shift power to those most vulnerable to exploitation and hold those in power accountable. Our response should build power among the people most affected by slavery and enable them to lead the way towards transforming global systems of exploitation.

Only then will we succeed in ending modern slavery for good.

Funding the frontlines

We partner with frontline organisations and communities in slavery ‘hotspots’ – places across the world where slavery is highly prevalent. In each hotspot, we convene a network of grassroots organisations to work collaboratively toward shared objectives, multiplying their resources, impact and influence.

With the right funding and support, our frontline partners tackle the root causes of slavery and contribute to the transformation of some of the world’s most marginalised communities.